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Today's Special February 24, 2017

About Bumsteds

Great service and consistently spectacular food. Bumsted's is a fun place where you can leave your bad day at the door!
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What do we have at Bumsteds?

At Bumsted's you can lose your while enjoying a refreshing cocktail and a round of bowling or pinball at our micro-arcade. Catch the latest sporting events on our  six televisions, including a 47 inch in our sunken dining lounge. Surf the internet with free WiFi while embarking on an equally investigative experience into a Bumsted's colossal sandwich. Check out the events and come enjoy industry night, bingo, karaoke, and Bumsted's Dating Game!

What about Bumsted's food?
Image of a large sandwich
We are a restaurant bar that puts its own twist on the menu. Always paying attention to quality and consistency while adding our own special flair on ordinary mundane restaurant/bar food. We have invigorated the old standby with large portions, better ingredients, and little details.
What about our bar?

The only match to our high quality food is the quality of our bar. We host the finest call liquors available in the industry as well as a wide selection of craft draft beers, and of course the champagne of beers, Miller High Life.

Who comes to Bumsteds?

We are located in one of the most diverse/dynamic marketplaces in Tucson AZ, enabling us to open our doors and cater to every walk of life. Located near Downtown, the University of Arizona, and on the historic Fourth Avenue district, we make sure all of our customers are comfortable and happy.

Mission Statement

'To always adhere to the promise to put food in the food and alcohol in the cocktails. To learn every customer by face, name and order, to treat each customer like family and each customer's family like our own. To do this in an enviornment whose standards are established and set fourth by the customer for the customer. With an on going pursuit of consistency, menu, service, sanitation, and safety with uncompromising expectations to ensure the only end result be impeccable quality!'

Bumsted's is a locally owned and operated business located in the heart of Fourth Ave, across the street from the oldest landmark on the avenue... Dairy Queen.

Today's Special
February 24, 2017